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    Deolefin adsorbent (Modified Clay)

    At present, the domestic petrochemical industry generally has two methods to remove olefins in aromatics. One is hydrorefining. This method is more effective for a single narrow fraction. However, for the broad fraction of aromatic products from benzene to xylene, the depth of the hydrogenation reaction is difficult to take into account, and it will cause the loss of aromatics. Another method to remove olefins with clay. However, in the process of white soil treatment, there is a short use period of white soil, and frequent replacement increases the loss of aromatics; a large amount of waste white soil needs to be incinerated or landfilled, which has a large impact on the environment and high costs.

    In view of the shortcomings of the above two deolefin methods, the company developed ROC adsorbent in cooperation with East China University of Science and Technology in 2013 and won the Shanghai Science and Technology Award. This product uses a certain type of the molecular sieve as the basic active component of the adsorbent. Through molecular sieve chemical modification and metal support to adjust acidity, through alkylation reaction, polymerization reaction catalyzes the removal of olefins in the wide fraction of benzene-xylene. Compared with white clay refining and hydrofining, this product has the following characteristics:

    1. existing equipment and process conditions for removing olefin from clay

    2. It has a long service life (four to five times that of granular clay), reduces labor intensity, and reduces the production cost and environmental impact caused by frequent replacement of clay and disposal of waste clay.

    This product has stable performance, long service life, good deolefin effect, and can be widely used in various clay refining processes.

    Main physical characteristics

    Item Quality requirements
    Bulk density g/ml 0.65-0.85
    Diameter Φmm 1.5-2.5
    Appearance Cylindrical
    Crush strength N/cm2 > 60
    Moisture% <4.0
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